Saturday, July 26, 2014

Candied Bacon ~ In the Oven!

Not too long ago I came across a recipe for cooking bacon in the oven.  Much less messy than on the stove top or in the microwave!  Then I started experimenting with different ways of flavoring and seasoning the bacon.  Just the aroma of this from the oven gets everyone excited!  "Candied Bacon!" is what I hear when each one walks through the kitchen.  Unfortunately, I could eat way too much of this!  Nom Nom!  Below is the family tested result!  

First of all, DO NOT pre-heat your oven!!  You will want to prepare the bacon first, then set the pan into a cold oven.

Line a pan with foil.  One package of bacon, light brown sugar, garlic powder, cayenne pepper.

Lay bacon in the pan.  Some will be overlapping.

I wish I had measurements, but this part is really done to taste.
Take several spoonfuls of brown sugar and sprinkle over bacon.  Use your hands to spread evenly and thinly cover the bacon.  Sprinkle evenly with garlic powder.
Add a few shakes of cayenne pepper.

Place into a COLD oven.  Set temperature to 400 degrees and set timer for 20 minutes.

This is what mine looked like at 20 minutes.  I added a few extra minutes to the timer.

I took it out at 24 minutes. Because of the sugar, you will see the areas that will start getting dark.  You don't want it to start smoking or burning!

Place cooked bacon on a plate.  This bacon is not melt-in-your-mouth crispy.  Because of the sugar, it will appear a bit limp when removing from the pan.  It will "crisp up" a bit as it sits.

And it goes great with waffles!  I'll have that family favorite recipe next time!

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